Our Services

Modular System &
Pilot Plant Fabrication

PPT has the experience to deliver modular process systems and pilot plants for new and experimental projects

Conceptual Project &
Scope Development

Identifying the ‘correct problem’ and then creating an optimal plan to deliver a project is no easy task. We take an efficient and iterative approach to create actionable information in a timely manner

Basic & Detail Engineering Packages

Basic & Detailed Engineering Packages are the foundation for delivering capital projects on-time and on-budget. PPT has well-qualified engineers in all the required disciplines to execute this work with exceptional quality

FEED Packages

Comprehensive PreFEED & FEED studies allows for validation of projected Capital and Operational Costs. This is a systematic development process that mitigates the risk of potential investments

Procurement &
QA/QC Services

Selecting the highest-value equipment is paramount to ensuring that projects come in on-time and on-budget. PPT offers a full range of procurement services for process critical equipment and bulk materials  and also provides QA/QC oversight.

Turn-Key EPC & Construction Services

PPT delivers Turn-Key EPC solutions by providing full site erection and modular installation capabilities


Oil & Energy

PPT has extensive experience in engineering the multiple unit operations in oil & gas (Onshore & Offshore). Whether it is FEED involving a desalting operation, a retrofit of a gas compression system, or placing hydrogenation systems on a skid (new spin on a conventional refining technology), our SME’s have the experience to deliver on the toughest of projects.

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream


PPT can provide all EPC deliverables for batch, continuous, and petrochemicals processes. PPT has helped many clients by designing and building chemical processes to produce higher-quality products (purity, color, etc.) and minimizing waste (raw materials recovery/recycle, shorter cycle times, higher yields, etc.

  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Fine Chemicals

The Future of Energy

PPT has deep experience in green technologies. In cases where a new process concept is contemplated, concept validation and cost evaluations are needed to determine if further effort is justified. Partial lab or pilot scale data may exist, but rarely have all the critical factors been evaluated in the systematic manner by subject matter experts so that projects can progress. PPT consistently seeks to develop new concepts where many companies do not wish to shoulder the risk.

  • Green Energy
  • Next Generation Technologies

Treatment Systems

While generally not considered a profitable part of the overall operation, wastewater applications require a level of attention to ensure there are no inefficiencies, no lost productivity, and compliant with regulations. PPTs
engineering and project management experience in industrial and municipal wastewater applications can help minimize any wastewater issues thereby keeping clients at peak efficiency

  • Water & Waste Treatment Systems