Non-COVID Growth Markets

Macro-Economic shocks such as that of the COVID-19 pandemic create winners & losers. Some of the winners are obvious such as hand sanitizers, home fitness, streaming services, and home office furniture. Today we look at some non-apparent industries that do well during this time. Porter Process Technologies (PPT) focuses on working in hot markets and is growing rapidly with these industries.

Commercializing Process System Patents with Confidence

Are you searching for a way to cash in on an innovative process system? Commercializing a utility (process system) patent can give your company a competitive and economic edge. But before you apply for that patent, there are several stage-gates through which will mitigate risk and optimize the value of your idea.

Maximizing Chemical Pilot Plant Benefits

A chemical pilot plant is an intermediate scale-up step that greatly mitigates project risk, design unknowns, and unexpected consequences. But how to utilize the pilot plant to best maximize the investment?