Non-COVID Growth Markets

Macro-Economic shocks such as that of the COVID-19 pandemic create winners & losers. Some of the winners are obvious such as hand sanitizers, home fitness, streaming services, and home office furniture. Today we look at some non-apparent industries that do well during this time. Porter Process Technologies (PPT) focuses on working in hot markets and is growing rapidly with these industries.

As the crisis deepens, Porter Process Technologies continues its rapid company expansion into three markets that are thriving:

Winner #1

Petrochemical & Plastics Manufacturers:

Plunging oil prices create cheap feedstocks, while hoarding consumer goods drives the demand for packaging. The next result is fat margins for petrochem & plastics producers. PPT is benefitting by assisting petrochemical producers by bringing idled equipment online, debottlenecking systems & optimizing processes.

Winner #2

Non-Recyclable Waste Plastics Processing:

the surge in consumer plastic waste coupled with China’s refusal of plastics creates economic opportunities for thermal-depolymerization of waste plastics to Diesel & Marine Diesel fuels. PPT assists companies to obtain & operate modular process systems for transforming non-recyclable plastics into liquid fuels.

Winner #3

Cannabinoid (CBD) Oil Production:

The trade war with China drives agriculture producers to find new products that have better margins. State governments are opening up the flood gates for hemp production. The hemp production is outpacing the available processing capacity. Econ 101 states that an increase in supply will cause the sales to go up and for the industry to grow. PPT has four years of experience in CBD technology & equipment. The growing CBD market is helping to drive PPT’s growth.

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